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Any capability available or work done directly on a computer. For example, online help or online cataloging.

Refers to accessing a remote computer via a terminal. Our online catalog is one example of an online database.

If you are connected to the Internet, you are online. Online advertising is done exclusively on the web or through e-mail.

Pertaining to equipment under direct control of the central processing unit of a computer.

Term for a computer or node that is connected to a network.

Turned on and connected to the network.

describes a person using the Internet or a resource that is available over the network.

Available for immediate use.

the term used to describe teaching, learning and administrative activities undertaken by computer through the Internet.

Direct communication between a user and a computer which allows a request to be processed and the results displayed immediately on the terminal screen.

Describes devices under the control of a CPU (eg a printer being run by a mainframe).

the state of being connected to the Internet, usually through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or a network

to be logged on to the Internet, typically actively doing something.

Term for when a user is connected to the internet, as in "Leave me alone, I'm online!"

Relating to information made available over the Internet. When referenced in this document material is said to be online when it is retrievable without restriction or undue fee using standard Internet applications such as anonymous FTP, gopher or the WWW.

If something is online it is available via a network of computers. A connection to the Internet is often referred to as being online.

In general terms, being connected to a given network or linked using some form of CMC. Thus a computer that is online is one that is somehow connected to a network. A person who is online is one who happens to have access to a properly-connected computer at a given moment. Offline is its antonym.

In online mode, all bibliographies are stored and accessed remotely (ie, on server side). It is possible to switch between online and offline mode by using synchronization.

used as an adjective, this means that something is accessible via the Internet - whether a facility, a document, or even a person.

Paper in Science reports "patient-specific" stem cells.

The state of a peripheral, such as a printer, modem, terminal, or workstation when it is connected to a computer and ready to operate. Also, the state of being connected to a network such as the Internet, or the existence of data on such a network.

Directly connected with another computer, possibly with a provider and as a result, connected with the Internet.

an electronic listing of all materials owned by a library, searchable by author, title, keyword, subject, or call number.

A printer or other peripheral that is connected to a computer and ready to receive data is considered to be Online. In communications, it means that you are currently connected to a remote computer through a network line or modem.

Available via a connection between two computers.

United States government: the executive and legislative and judicial branches of the federal government of the United States

United States: North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776

levy a tax on; "The State taxes alcohol heavily"; "Clothing is not taxed in our state"

set or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine)

use to the limit; "you are taxing my patience"

make a charge against or accuse; "They taxed him failure to appear in court"

charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government

A tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed on an individual or a legal entity by a state or a functional equivalent of a state (for example, tribes, secessionist movements or revolutionary movements). Taxes could also be imposed by a subnational entity. ...

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is included in all daily hire prices.

1. To strain or push to the point of exhaustion. 2. To levy an assessment against, usually by government powers. Unpaid taxes usually form a special lien on property owned by the taxpayer, ahead of registered mortgages. 3. The money charged as an assessment.

A percentage of the final sales price that is required to be paid to local, state, and/or federal governments.

Charge levied by a governmental unit on income, consumption, wealth, or other basis

A payment imposed upon persons or groups for governmental support. The power to impose and collect federal taxes is given to the Congress in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution. ...

Tax Division

Compulsory payment of a percentage of income, property value, etc., for the support of a government. Included within this definition are: Progressive Tax A tax structure where people who earn more are charged a higher percentage of their income (eg, the federal income tax). ...

Either a fee payable by the purchaser of property or of rights to property subject to taxation, or an aggregate amount of fees due from the taxpayer, as the context may require.

A compulsory charge levied by a governmental unit against the wealth of a person, natural or corporate.

An indicator of a company's financial performance calculated as:= Revenue - Expenses (excluding tax, interest, and depreciation)

A contribution for the support of a government required of persons, groups, or businesses. There are many different kinds of taxes including income, sales, state. local, federal taxes.

A percentage of the income that is paid to the state.

Income tax charged against profit. Trading profit: Total operating income (consisting of net interest income plus non-interest income) less operating expenses incurred in the normal course of business, and depreciation.

Sales tax will be charged on all items sold in accordance with the US tax legislation guidelines. All invoices will show total sales tax paid and total amount due.

Quarterly sales tax receipts (in thousands of dollars) for all 50 business establishments. (Chapter 3)

“tax” means tax imposed under Part VI.

Either the TAX payable by the transient, or the aggregate amount of TAXES due from an operator during the period for which he is required to report his collections.

Printing prices do not include VAT. VAT will be charged at the current rate where applicable.

will be used where it is necessary to refer to all income taxes assessed under the Assessment Acts.

Federal Goods & Service Tax (GST) is 6% payable on all purchases unless shipped out of country. Province of Ontario Sales Tax is 8% payable on all purchases unless the buyer has a valid sales tax exemption number or the item(s) are shipped out of province.

Value added tax will be charged, if applicable, at the rate ruling on the date of supply whether or not included on the quote, order, and invoice.

means any federal, state, county, local, territorial, provincial or foreign income, net income, gross receipts, single business, unincorporated business, license, payroll, employment, excise, severance, stamp, occupation, premium, windfall profits, environmental (including taxes under Section ...

The printer reserves the right to charge the amount of any value added tax payable whether or not included on the estimate or invoice.

Mandatory payment to the government.

Certain Browsers support electronic fill-in forms. A form on a Web Page can be filled in by users all over the world, and the information sent ...

the pages in most browsers that accept information in text entry fields. They can be customized to receive company sales data and orders, expense reports, or other information. They can also be used to communicate.

Forms are web pages comprised of text and "fields" for a user to fill in with information. They are an excellent way of collecting and processing information from people visiting a web site, as well as allowing them to interact with web pages. Forms are written in HTML and processed by CGI programs.

The HTML standard provides support for forms in Web documents. Forms are a defined area of an HTML document such as a window or box into which the user is able to input data in order to have the data processed by another application, for instance to run a search on a database. ...

A web page element that uses text fields, radio buttons and check boxes to process predefined data. Forms also allow users to interact with an application by allowing information to be passed dynamically between two points.

Every organisation creates them, whether they are in the form of paper or on screen or online: purchase orders, order forms, invoices, expenses sheets and so on, so leading to one of the issues involved with document management.

A Web page element that is used for the creation of HTML-based input and processing of data.

like molds. a temporary structure which holds concrete in place while it hardens.

Temporary supports for keeping fresh concrete in place until it has hardened to such a degree that it is self-supporting (the structure is now able to support a dead load).

Shapes on which clay can be baked

Documents with a highly structured layout designed to facilitate the recording of information

used for accompanying forms

Data entry forms created to make it easier for humans to enter data into databases.

A form is any printed material with space to insert data. This includes temporary forms, numbered or unnumbered, produced by commercial suppliers or by the state. It also includes forms copied on agency copy machines. ...

the wood or metal construction used for receiving, molding, and sustaining a plastic mass of concrete (to the dimensions, outlines, and details of surfaces planned for) while it hardens. ...

A doctrine central to the philosophy of Plato (427-347 BC). In the Greek, the term is rendered ideai or eidoV (= ideas). ...

means the blank Land Registry forms included on the Service;;jsessionid=E7111AE5B63D0F925A531B7DF65BBAE8

A way for website visitors to communicate with the website or other people instead of sending an e-mail. An example of a small form is our newsletter subscription box, where you enter your e-mail address.

Any patrons on the site may post comments and fill out the contact form if their purpose is to contact Art of Chicago in a respectful and responsible manner. Any forms submitted not for the intended purpose of that form is not allowed on the site.

Web page elements used to gather information from a user visiting a site. Forms can have a variety of different input methods such as text input, check boxes, radio buttons, and drop-down lists. ...

A form normally denotes one press plate. The term comes from the days of letterpress printing when a page consisted of metal lines / or letters. The page was placed in proper position in a frame called a chase and "locked up" to create a "form".

HTML pages which pass variable information back to the server or through e-mail. These pages are used to gather information from users.

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